E Pluribus Unum RSS 3-B-2

I have become excellent at creating folders in my bookmark tabs and saving things to read later.  I have folders and sub-folders where I routinely save interesting articles, blog posts, videos, and how-to instructions.  The problem is, I rarely look at them again.  I find myself constantly looking for new information and only when I need to find a specific fact that I have already read, or want to remember how to put my mower deck back on the lawn tractor, do I ever try to find the information again.  I usually search Google and, since I rarely delete my History, the pages I have already viewed are highlighted.  It makes it difficult, though, when I have looked at many links on the same search page.

One way to help keep organized is to use RSS feeds.  RSS feeds are not new, and are not new to me,  but as with many things, I found myself not using them.  I kind of look at the internet as I look at journeys; it is more fun to not know where you are going.  And I can usually find enough information on topics I like by using two websites that users vote to move articles, information, or other interesting facts or opinions, to the front of the queue.  But just today, as I was reading over the information about RSS and blog feeds, I signed up for an Old Reader account.  Within this one account, I can subscribe to feeds from my favorite blogs and websites as they update while keeping topics organized by folders.  Maybe this is the answer I was looking for.

By using feeds and saving them to one site, I don’t have to try to remember where I found a bit of information or if something new has been posted.  Old Reader is fully searchable with a simple interface that is easy to both use and read.  I also don’t have to hop around from site to site to read updates as they are automatically posted to Old Reader.  Once an IPad app is developed, I think I will use this all of the time.   I believe that the use of RSS feeds, and Old Reader, will enhance my knowledge and learning by making my time on the internet more effective.  What are some tools that you use to keep yourself organized on the internet?



  1. Feedly is my go to source because of the iPad app. I like to catch up and browse while I am sipping a vanilla decaf latte away from home. I need an easy portable device to keep up with my blogs and such. Rediscovering Feedly via the iPad has given a new spark to my online organization and checking out resources. Does anybody have experience with the Old Reader premium accounts?

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