Social Bookmarking Lesson Plan 3-D-2 Option A

Most of this school year I have been really excited as our staff were told that our high school would be going one-to-one with computers next year.  At the last school board meeting, however, this plan was put on hold for another year.  In talking with my building principal a few days ago, he asked if I thought I was ready to implement one-to-one computers in the classroom.  Unhesitatingly I said yes, primarily because of classes like the one I am currently taking from PLS.  While my students have access to computers within my classroom, I was looking forward to students always having their own computer, relying on them, and the expectation of using their computer daily both at school and at home. 

While I am disappointed, I have learned a few ways to incorporate Web 2.0 technology into the classroom and lessons even if students do not have their own personal computer.  One way to accomplish that will be the use of social bookmarking tools.   One tool I am currently using is Diigo, although their are others that are popular such as Delicious.  My plan is to incorporate the use of Diigo into my English classes, where we can highlight, annotate, and save links for a variety of lessons, whether it be for the novel we are currently reading, or an essay that is assigned.  In order for this to work I need to teach how to use social bookmarking and be consistent with its use.

Towards that end I have created a lesson plan to teach my classes how to use social bookmarking.  I got many of the ideas and handouts from the Digitally Speaking wiki.  While I know that this will be a work in progress, I hope that this will be a learning experience for both my students and me.    My lesson plan can be found here.  Social Bookmarking Plan Getty 3-D-2  Feedback is appreciated or links to other plans that address the same or similar topics.


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