Flickr and its Use in the Classroom 5-A-1

My ideas about the use of Flickr in the classroom


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I have to admit that, while I have heard of Flickr, I only knew that it had something to do with photographs online having never visited the site before.  Upon researching it, I see that there are multiple ways to use Flickr, the least of which is doing what I did above; copying a picture that I liked under a creative commons license with appropriate attribution.

I am not a creative person and have never really cared to put my own personal touch by doing artwork, retouching photos, etc.  As a kid I liked to color with crayons but that is about the extent of my artistic bent.  I cannot draw or paint and don’t really have an interest in doing so.  I do like art and viewing what others have done.  That said, just because creating art is not my metier does not mean that it is not something that my students enjoy and excel at.  In the past I have included options for students to draw, take pictures and edit them, create poetry, board games, magazines or other creative ideas to draw students out and get them interested and excited about a project.  Flickr has the ability to do all of that and more.

I recently read a blog post by Samuel Tan about incorporating Flickr in school.  Mr. Tan had 18 suggestions about the use of Flickr with my top three listed below:

1.  Flickr Map  is a searchable map like Google Maps that links to images taken from around the world.  For instance, I typed in “mountain ranges” as a search term and found 8212 images taken of mountain ranges around the world.  This is a great way to show students images of what they are studying while also allowing them to explore areas of interest on their own.

2.  Story Telling and Creative Writing – Flickr can be used to create a story board that allows students to compose their own story or organize their thoughts.  Suggestions include retelling a story in pictures, creating an original story or comic, or brainstorming/organizing for a project.

3. Create a slide show using Flickr – Using this feature you can upload your presentation using images to make it more exciting and informative.

These are my favorite ideas.  What are some of yours?





  1. This is a great post. I too am not that creative and love the idea of allowing students to create their own storyboards or slide shows for presentations. I remember as a kid searching magazines for photos. Flickr is just like an online magazine for students to use!

  2. Thanks for sharing Samuel Tan’s link to so many wonderful ideas. I love the Flikr Map and potential it has for presentations and storyboarding! It also is a great opportunity to discuss copyright laws!

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