Using Skype to Learn a Foreign Language: My Experience with italki

I have spent years dabbling at learning a foreign language, with limited success.  I am pretty good at remembering vocabulary but have extreme difficulty in using it.  I tend to get flustered and second guess myself.  I also don’t really practice Spanish by talking to someone daily in my target language as life often gets in the way.  That changed when I recently discovered the italki website.

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Learn to Speak Using italki 6-C-2

One aspect of my Ipad that I love is the ease of using Skype or other video communication applications.  There is something about video communication that I prefer over audio.  I’ll be honest, I hate the telephone and “lose” my cell phone constantly; I also never listen to messages.  Videos allow you to see facial expressions and feel connected.  I recently tried to connect with a class member via Skype that did not work well due to technological difficulties.  It was nice, though, to get to see her and communicate briefly.  It lends a new level to what is oftentimes for me a disconnected experience.

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